Hybrid learning will start on Monday, March 15th 2021!

Dear Parents

A- Hybrid learning will start on Monday, March 15th, 2021

This weekend it was decided that our students would return to a hybrid learning environment for the fourth quarter, which starts on March 15.  Parents will have the option to have students return to the building for their synchronous days instead of using zoom.  Asynchronous days will not change.  To ensure social distancing and other expectations are in place, we need to update our records to reflect your selection for your child. A form will be shared in a parent’s email on Tuesday.  

There are several things to be aware of before making this decision for your child.  

  1. Once you have notified the school of your selection, students will remain in that environment unless the parent contacts Mrs. Gibson, our Assistant Principal of Academics, so that she may update the rosters to reflect the change.  Her email is
  2. Students in the building are expected to be in uniform.  There will be some leniency regarding the Horizon logo on the polo shirts, but students must be in a solid navy, burgundy, or blue polo shirt and black, khaki, or navy bottoms.  Please refer to Section 4 of the student handbook for a complete description of the uniform, which starts on page 13 of the student planner. 
  3. All students will be required to wear a mask at all times, except during breakfast and lunch.  If your child cannot tolerate a mask for that amount of time, please continue with them being online.  This is for everyone’s safety and will be strictly enforced. 
  4. Please know that as much as we want your child to be in the building, there is always a possibility we would return to an online-only environment based on the data related to the pandemic.  We are encouraged and hopeful that this will not happen, but we wanted to be clear that it could.


Thank you 


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