Veterans Day

On November 17th and 18th, 8th graders were given the pleasure of speaking with two military men.  Dwight S. Chambliss, CSM spoke to the students about the two jobs that he has in the military. Mr. Chambliss is still active duty and has served for almost 30 years in the Army.   He is Director of Human Resources of U.S. Army National Guard.  He spoke to the students about all the different types of careers one can have in the military. He explained that the army offers about 150 different types of jobs/careers. He is grateful for the opportunity the military has afforded him.


Mr. Ralph Steward, FCS, retired was severely injured in battle during his fourth tour to Iraq.  Mr. Steward lost both of his legs while he was on a mission doing a swept of a home in Iraq and bomb went off.  He spoke to the students about perseverance and never giving up. He explained how it was over in Iraq and how fortunate we are in America.  He said he never lost any of his men that were under his command.  Mr. Steward received many awards and honors for his bravery in the military.