Science Fair

On Wednesday, December 13th our 6 through 8th-grade students participated in our annual school science fair. Dozens of our scientists to be took center stage and wowed spectators with experiments and presentations. Students spent weeks studying a topic of choice, and writing hypotheses and conducting experiments. Once the students gathered all of their information they created fascinating displays to present their work to the judges.  
Working professionals in the STEM field joined us as guest judges and were able to share their expertise on many of the projects. The students did an amazing job during the judging and the event was followed by an award ceremony, to reward our students for a job well done.   
 Special thanks to Mr. Nuri, Mrs. Sam, Mrs. Hinckley and Mr. Ak for organizing this event and giving our students a platform to do great things. Furthermore, congrats to all the students for their efforts and hard work!!

Science Fair Video 1

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Science Fair Video 2
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Science Fair Video 3
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