CYSP Civil War Re-enactment

On September 24th, Ms. Rogers and Mrs. Bingers CYSP groups went to Pioneer Village in Harveyburg, Ohio to watch a Civil War Re-enactment. Students were able to view several different types’ pioneer homes, see what a Quaker church looked like back in the 1800’s, taste food from that time period called potato candy, old-fashioned ice cream, and homemade chicken and dumplings. They were able to go inside and see what a school looked like during the 1800’s and they learned that the teachers slept in the school because it also served as their home. Students learned that even though the homes were small, families up to 12 would sleep in the house and many times only the parents had a bed. Students also got the opportunity to watch a blacksmith mold metal and asked many questions. Students were able to watch an old fashioned baseball game and the men didn’t use gloves. Also they listened to Abraham Lincoln speak about life during his Presidency. The final thing the students were able to experience was a battle between the north and south. Students were also able to experience a hay ride (several students had not ever been on one). Overall, this was a great experience for our CYSP group.


Also we want to thank our two parent chaperones that made it possible to transport several of our students: Ms. Meighen and Mrs. Capula and also our staff member Ms. Ashli e for driving. Also a special thanks to Mr. Akkurek for allowing us to use his car.

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