Career Day at HSA MS

Every year our middle school students have had the opportunity to learn about professions in the area directly from the source. Community members who work at local businesses and individuals who grew up in the area, but went elsewhere to work have come in and presented their profession and stories to the middle school students.

This year 12 presenters took their time to come and speak to our students, students were able to see 10 of the 12 presenters as they rotated from class to class. We were excited to hear from some of Columbus’ own such as Alissa Henry, a news anchor from WTTE and Frank Rhodes from the Franklin Deputy Department. Each one of our 12 guest represented people who are a positive influence on their community including a pharmacist, barber stylist, water conservationist, cancer researcher, an entrepreneur and an Artist. Students had an amazing time listening and learning to real role models they were able to interact with, something that is valuable in each community.

We would like to thank all those who have taken time, energy, and resources to come and speak to our students and share information about their careers. Furthermore, thanks to the teachers and staff for an immensely successful Career Day.

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